ProBlogger’s Guide to your First Week of Blogging

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It can be overwhelming when starting a blog. You’ve got a lot of decisions to make…
  • niche selection
  • audience targeting
  • content planning
  • social media and promotions
  • post ideas
  • and more
Making great early choices is vital to the long-term success of your blog. My new ebook guides you, day by day, through your first week of blogging so you can make the most of those critical first few days.

A System that Works

Your First Week of Blogging encapsulates the lessons I’ve learned, and the insights I’ve gained, over eight years and more than 30 new blogs.
The ebook takes a systematic approach to the tasks that I believe are essential in the first week of a blog’s life. It’s the model I use for every new blog I start.
  • Learn foundational brainstorming techniques.
  • Create a content plan—and content, of course!
  • Build a social media presence.
  • Create practical quality assurance tools.
  • Set up a publishing process.
  • Master the components of a blog post.
  • Develop your blog’s ongoing strategy.
Build solid blogging habits that will last you a lifetime as you complete each day’s exercises—and set your fledgling blog soaring!

Easy to Understand, Simple to Follow — All you need is a Maximum 90 minutes per Day

Your First Week of Blogging
Over seven practical chapters, the complex blogging workload is broken into daily tasks that focus on key aspects of blogging:
Day 1: Set solid foundations.
Day 2: Publish and build presence.
Day 3: Concentrate on content.
Day 4: Understand the blog as a product.
Day 5: Put yourself out there.
Day 6: Define and demonstrate quality.
Day 7: Strategize for success.
The best thing about this guide is that it’s not just about the ‘theory’ of blogging – it’s broken down into 32 achievable tasks that you can actually DO to get your blog moving forward.
Time estimates are given for each task—you won’t spend more than about 90 minutes on your blog each day.

Who is it for?

ProBlogger’s Guide to your First Week of Blogging is for anyone at the beginning of their blogging journey who wants to start with solid foundations including:
  • Those thinking about starting a new blog
  • Those in their very first week of blogging
  • Those looking to start a 2nd or 3rd blog who want to do it better

Download your Copy Today

Grab your copy today for just $19.99 USD.

If you’re not satisfied with the ebook after 60 days, just let me know and I’ll refund your money—that’s how confident I am that this resource will make a valuable impact on your new blog’s first weeks.

Give me 31 Days and I’ll Give You a Dramatically Better Blog… Guaranteed


Have big dreams for your blog? Got a list of improvements sitting in the ‘one day’ basket? Visitor numbers a little embarrassing?
You’re not alone.
31 Days to Build a Better Blog is a downloadable ebook designed to help you revitalize your blog. One step at a time, it will transform your blog into the page view powerhouseyou’ve always dreamed of.

Designed to Make you Think, but more Importantly DO

The workbook is divided into 31 easy-to-follow tasks that you can work through in your own time.
Each step in the workbook contains:
  • A Task – something to DO that step.
  • Teaching – each day you’ll be given in depth instruction on both the WHY and HOW of the task of the day.
  • Further reading – so you can dive deeper on any task.
This three pronged approach is designed so that you come away from the challenge having not only learned how to build a better blog but you’ll have actually achieved something with the knowledge.

(CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE)- PayPal or Credit Card

yvonne.jpg“In the first day, I implemented 4 days worth of advice from the workbook and tripled my blog traffic overnight. Yes, really. Every day I read and implemented another few day’s worth of advice from the workbook and it has steadily improved my blog traffic without fail.” Yvonne Adele

A Better Blog, at your Own Pace, in your Own Way

Originally designed to be followed every day for 31 days, with 19,000 bloggers already taken the challenge, we’ve discovered 31DBBB is being used in a variety of ways including:
  • Intense Training – set aside weekends or weeks to go through multiple tasks at once.
  • 1 Task a Day – the way we designed it – one day at a time.
  • 1 Task a Week – take your time with the challenge and tackle one task a week.
  • Monthly Tasks – build the tasks into your monthly routine.
  • Occasional Inspiration –dip into 31DBBB on a more occasional basis – using it on days when you have time or need inspiration.
  • Gather a group – find a group of like minded bloggers and take the challenge at the same time.
The great thing about 31DBBB is that you can do it at your own pace and in your own way.

Perfect for Bloggers who want More from their Blog

31 Days to Build a Better Blog is for bloggers at different stages of their blogging including:
  • You’ve just started a blog and don’t know what to do next
  • You’ve had a blog for a while but it’s stalled in its growth
  • You’re a blogger with bloggers block and lacking inspiration.
Note: This workbook is NOT designed for bloggers yet to start a blog (PreBloggers). It doesn’t cover setting up a blog. If that’s you check out the ProBlogger book which covers this aspect of blogging.
chris.jpg“Darren Rowse is the master. Absorb these lessons and prepare to grow your own success.” Chris Brogan

Take Small Steps to Travel a Great Distance

By the end of the 31 steps you’ll have:
  • published a variety of different types and styles of posts
  • learned techniques for coming up with new post ideas
  • promoted your blog in a variety of ways and found new readers
  • deepened reader engagement with current readers
  • reached out to and developed working relationships with other bloggers
  • developed an editorial calendar for your blog going forward
  • discovered ways to be more connected to your niche/topic
  • designed a plan for the next month of your blogging
… and much more.
After the 31 steps you’ll have transformed you blog into a valuable online asset.
brian-clark.jpg“Darren’s step-by-step program will absolutely help you take the actions you need to build a better blog, based on his success creating niche content-focused communities that have nothing to do with blogging about blogging.” Brian Clark

2nd Edition Update, 7 Bonus Tasks!

This new edition sees the introduction of 7 bonus tasks – that’s a whole additional week of blogging insight and action – bundled up in a bonus mini eBook.
Plus you receive:
  • All the original material updated, redesigned and refreshed
  • Case studies of blogs, big and small, who are doing it right. Get insights into blogs you may not have heard of, and learn from their expertise.
  • Every task includes links to further information, reading and intelligence on the topic, so readers can take Darren’s advice as far as they’d like to go.
  • Integrated with social media so you can connect and share you experiences each step—and learn from others.
This bigger and better update is a must-have, even if you already own the first edition.
headshotcropped2.jpg“The very first challenge totally changed the way I blog!… How could it be improved?
Well, it could come with a shoe that pops out and kicks my butt so I do the tasks on time. That’s about it. :)” – Angela Mills

The Brains Behind the eBook

darren-1.jpgDarren Rowse has been blogging since 2002 on over 30 blogs. He’s been earning a full time living from his blogs since 2005. These days he focuses his time upon ProBlogger.net (Blogging Tips) and Digital-Photography-School.com (A Photography Community).
These two sites reach a combined audience of over 4 million a month. Darren is the author of ProBlogger the book, co-founder of the b5media blog network and speaks regularly on blogging and social media.

More Reader Reviews

“The workbook was a total success, I used it on one of my blogs that wasn’t performing very well, used the practices and exercises and the results speak for themselves. From 100 visitors a month to now over +1,300 and going.” – Obed Ward
“The eBook is also a godsend when I get writers block as I just get it up on the screen and look through it. I invariably find that I have inspiration after a few minutes.” – Tessa Shepperson
“I value your workbook because it sells no false dreams of instant wealth, no magic mantra to make us the best that we can be. I love it that you stress the importance of hard work, persistence, and humility. This workbook is brilliant in so far as we’re willing to incorporate these solid virtues as well as the valuable, practical blogging lessons it contains.” Jan Geronimo
“The biggest help for me was having some concrete action step each day to take on my blog. Many of the concepts and material were not new to me, but I need that daily shove to do the things I know.” – John Arnold

Download your Copy of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog for less than $1 a day

This 140 page resource is ready for your download right now at just $29.99 USD!
At just a few cents per daily task this is a resource that is designed to bring life and revitalization to your blog again and again as you continue to use it over coming months and years.

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee.jpg
If you are not satisfied with the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog PDF work book after 60 Days Just let me know and I’ll refund your money – that’s how confident I am that this is a resource that will help you build a dramatically better blog.
Get the 31 days to Build a Better Blog Workbook by hitting the following button and give your blog the kick start that it deserves!


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